“The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to.”   Richard Mullin

On Everyone's Bucket List

Is anywhere more captivating than Africa? From the coasts of South Africa to the mountains of Rwanda, the African continent has inspired such a vast number of literary icons. The hardest part about this quarter’s box was attempting to narrow down the books it would contain.

This quarter every subscriber will receive The Elephant Whisperer. I recently took this book with me on holiday and found myself laughing out loud and inspired many conversations with my traveling companions. It gave me an entirely new respect for the many men and women who are trying to preserve the Earth’s natural wonders and native inhabitants. 

Our Full Suitcase subscribers will also be receiving our first fiction book, The Ladies Number 1 Detective Agency. This book will soon be coming to HBO as a new miniseries. Full Suitcase subscribers will also be receiving The Last Train to Zona Verde which soberly introduced me to the Africa not described in travel guides or tour companies. 

I can’t be more excited about this quarter’s journey and for each and every one of our subscribers. Your subscription has allowed us to help so many women and children around the world!  You truly make a difference and we couldn’t do it without your support!

Thank you for helping us make the world a better place one book at a time!

Bon Voyage!  Cindy