The Makings of The Wordy Traveler

Even as a child I was a travel nerd. Maybe it was because I was an only child. Maybe it was because I was raised by parents who didn't believe in television. Either way I grew up reading books and vividly imagined traveling to the places in them. I built the lost city of Pompei in my sand box, transformed a dirt pile in my backyard into an elephant crossing India, and tried to convince my friends we were sailing across an ocean on an inflatable swimming pool raft.  

As an adult my love of reading and travel only intensified. Everywhere I ventured, from traversing the countryside of Romania to sailing to an unpopulated island in the Caribbean, I had a book in hand that told of that location's history and past travelers' experiences. A year ago I wanted to find a book subscription box that perfectly combined my two loves of travel and reading. I searched high and low but couldn't find one. It was through that unsuccessful search that The Wordy Traveler was born. 

However, I wanted to make sure it wasn't just another subscription box. It wasn't a box about saving dime but helping others have a better life. That The Wordy Traveler didn't just fulfill wanderlust but also gave back to the people and places we go to fulfill it. So a portion of the proceeds of every single box supports the efforts to provide education for women and girls around the world. In addition all the teas are sourced are from ethical farms and the featured artists are paid a livable age. This box isn't just about finding something great it is about doing something great. Together we are changing the world one book at a time.

What People Are Saying

There are truly no words that can describe the joys that this "book club " family has meant to me. I am a disabled veteran, and I am at home, more so than not. The Wordy Traveler has allowed me to go on many a journey, and has sent me on adventures that I could never dream of. I have learned many interesting things and love sharing tibits of trivia with family and friends. Thank you my friends for all that you do for us, your "readers ", and for all of the support you send to those in need.


Great subscription and great service! Got the wrong box by mistake, and they resent the right box really quickly. The items are well worth the cost, great reads, and the box supports various charities - definitely a win win!


I was wary about buying a 3 month gift subscription for someone but the person I sent this to states it was the perfect gift. The tea was a fancy, fruity herbal loose leaf - nice size bag, 3 novels (it was a Caribbean theme for December 2017, and the recipients of the gift first trip for 2018 just happened to be the Carribean), and a lovely souvenir (mermaid tea steeper). I would definitely recommend this for book & travel enthusiasts! They were really happy to receive it and looking forward to the next one.