Land Of The Midnight Sun!

Embracing Coziness!

I have a confession . . . until now I have not been a fan of winter. I live in the Great Lakes region where winter seems to never end and the sun seemingly hides for a good six months. This time of year tends to make me feel a bit sad and depressed. However, I came upon an article entitled “The Norwegian Secret To Enjoying A Long Winter” and it caused me to change my attitude. Instead of being miserable the next six months, I decided I was going to study our Northern European friends and embrace Winter. 

They succeed in welcoming winter and even make it sound like an Instagramer’s dream. The Dane’s call it “Hygge” while the Norwegian’s have “Koselig”; both convey the sense of coziness and warmth. They choose to celebrate winter and to find the unique beauty in it. 

This quarter we have endeavored to embody “Koselig” when sourcing our items and curating our books! We have included a wonderful spiced tea perfect for reading by the fire. If you decide to be adventurous we have included a hand-knitted headband from Sweden to help keep you warm as you explore. 

Starting with this journey, we will be including a keepsake charm to mark all the different places we feature. This quarter includes a snowflake to represent “The Lands of the Midnight Sun”!

I hope you are as inspired as I am to embrace a new mindset and enjoy this magical season and I want to thank you so much for being a part of the Wordy Traveler family!

Bon Voyage and coziest wishes,

Cindy @ The Wordy traveler