Paris is always a good idea.

Paris is always a good idea. In fact, the second oversees trip I ever took was to live and study in Paris. When people ask about my time there, I always say the same thing: “it’s everything you’ve ever heard or might imagine and it never disappoints!” 

However, even though it is one of my favorite destinations I have been avoiding a box on Paris because I thought it wasn’t exotic enough or that it’s already too familiar to everyone. But a friend who goes to France every year recently changed my thinking. She was emphatically telling a group of people that her trips to Paris never get old and always provide her with new experiences. I thought to myself, “truer words have never been spoken.” For hundreds of years, Paris has inspired people to travel, read, create art, write, love, and even establish new models of government. Generation after generation fall in love with Paris and are inspired to experience it in person. As a place to visit, to read about, or a journey for a subscription box, it’s true that Paris is always a good idea!

Nous aimons Paris and hope you do too!