Holiday Gift Giving FAQs

Will my recipient receive a notification of their gift?

Gift recipients will receive a shipping notification and gift message when their box is shipped. If you wish your gift to be a surprise please enter your email instead of the recipients email during the checkout process. At checkout you can choose if the gift subscription is to be renewed or not by checking or unchecking the renewal button. Please email if you would like a .pdf gift certificate.

Does the box have printing or labels identifying what is in the box?

Yes, our boxes and shipping bags do have our logo printed on the front of the box.

I want to give a gift subscription but don't want it to renew.

When you give a gift subscription you have the ability to choose if it will renew or not. There is a button located on the checkout page that allows you to turn off the renewal. 

The person I'm giving a gift to already has a subscription and I would like to add to it.

Place your order as you normally would and then please email with the name and order number and we will adjust the shipping schedule to extend their subscription. 

I like to shop early. Is there a way I can order now and have the shipment delayed till December? 

Yay for early shopping! Yes, you can order your gift subscription now and have it delayed. Please email us with the name and order number and we can adjust the shipment to have it shipped in December or another timeframe. Please note although we can ship during a specific timeframe, we don't have control over the USPS and therefore can't guarantee a specific delivery day.

I ordered a Wordy Traveler Subscription as a gift but would like to give them a gift certificate notifying them of this. Where can I get one?

Please email and we can email you a .pdf gift certificate that you can give to your recipient before their first box arrives. 

I am not sure what Wordy Traveler subscription they would like, can I give a gift card instead?

Yes, we have digital gift cards in varying denominations. They are available under the "Limited Edition Boxes" section. 

When should I order for Holiday Shipping?

The majority of our shipments are shipped  via USPS Priority Mail. USPS recommends placing orders before 12/15 for domestic US addresses. However, due to the current situation of shipping delay's we recommend ordering as early as possible.