Set of Hand Hammered Votive Bowls

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A set of two Hand Hammered Votive Bowls

These stunning votives have been hand beaten to perfection by adept artisans in the "Brass city" of India, Moradabad. With the elegant texture and crisp shapes, the evocative beauty of hand-beaten metal offerings are enduring and universal.

The process of making the metal ware is complicated, with meticulous efforts going into the making of the products. Fine, gleaming polished metal is carefully, painstakingly hammered all over by hand to produce an organic texture. Every dint, dent, nick and impression is individually formed to create a one-of-kind pattern.

Because it only requires basic tools (hands, hammer, patience), it’s one of the earliest decorative styles developed by ancient metal craftspeople. Today, it manages to be as prized as ever for precisely these fundamental, handwrought qualities

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