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Additional Book- Strangers in Budapest


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Americans Annie and Will move to Budapest with their infant son shortly after the fall of the Communist regime. Months later they receive a message from friends asking that they check up on an Edward Weiss, an independent Jewish American WWII veteran came to Hungary to exact revenge on someone he is convinced seduced, married, and then murdered his daughter. Annie joins in the old man's plan to track down his former son-in-law and confront him, and becomes enmeshed in a dark and deadly conflict that will end in tragedy. "Jessica Keener writes about post-communist Hungary with the heart and specificity of someone who's lived it . . . her writing sparkles . . . Strangers in Budapest doesn't exoticize or patronize its location; rather, in a rare achievement for an American novel of this international emphasis, it revels in the complexity of its appeal." -- Entertainment Weekly "Full of seduction and intrigue, this thrilling novel is a perfect homage to a city in transition." -- Real Simple "In her tense and atmospheric thriller . . . Keener establishes a definitive sense of time and place, makes a sensitive portrait of expat life, and examines ideas of what we lose, where we find home, and how love can and cannot survive." --The Boston Globe

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