A parcel for every taste

Do you have a love for travel and literature with a heart to give back? Be transported to incredible destinations once every three months! If your suitcase is always hard to shut then choose the Full Suitcase which comes with three books. Or if you pack light choose the Backpacker which comes with one book. Both Subscriptions include a free trade organic tea evocative of the featured region, a limited edition art print or photograph from an emerging artist, and some extra special gifts thrown in from time to time! 

Full Suitcase Edition


Backpacker Edition


Be Transported

When you open one of our seasonal travel collection boxes, you'll be transported on a new journey across the globe through the narratives of explorers, dreamers, and adventurers. You can also feel good that you'll be giving back by supporting charities that provide education for women and girls across the world.

Every three months count on The Wordy Traveler for a carefully handpicked selection of books that have been discovered, curated, and approved by our team of world travelers to ensure wanderlust fulfillment. In addition, each box will include ethically-sourced premium tea evocative of the region and a limited-edition fine art print that captures the beauty of travel.