Join a community of readers who have a love for travel and a heart for giving back.

Feel like you’re traveling the world without leaving your favorite reading spot!

This Season's Journey: 

Travel with "Friends"

When you join our inspiring seasonal travel book club, you're making the world a better place one book at a time.

Would you like to check off a bucket list destination every quarter? The Wordy Traveler transports you on journeys across the globe through the narratives of explorers, dreamers, and adventurers. 

More importantly, your subscription provides life-saving nutrition to children and pregnant women around the world while supporting emerging artists and small businesses.

Each box includes ethically-sourced premium tea and coffee evocative of the region along with a limited-edition fine art print that captures the beauty of travel. In addition, a selection of artisanal souvenirs, bookmarks, and collectable charms, are included in various subscription options.

Customize your journey by choosing the number of books and if those books will be fiction, non-fiction, or a combination of both!

Making the World a Better Place

Women and Children

Every box you receive provides life-changing nutrition for two children and pregnant women throughout the world by a donation to Vitamin Angels.

Local/Emerging Artists

In addition to your exclusive art print, many of the items in your box are made by local artists. We never ask for free items from these local/emerging artists; instead we pay a fair price that helps them create a living.

Small Businesses

Your subscription helps small and family businesses grow. We only purchase from small businesses that pay a fair, living wage and treat their teams with respect.

Travel with "Friends"

This season's journey is unlike any other! See the world through the eyes of animals and the people who travel with them. Your journey will take you across the world from Asia to the Middle East, from the Artic to the Americas, from Europe to Africa. Experience the beauty of traveling with animals and be inspired by the timeless bonds that are created between animals and humans. 


What subscribers are saying about The Wordy Traveler . . . 

The Wordy Traveler combines travel and books in a delightful and wonderful way! The box came beautifully wrapped with books, tea, and fun country-related items. I brewed some of the delicious tea and sat down with a book and truly felt like I was being transported to another land!"   – Emily M.

"The Wordy Traveler somehow manages to always choose the perfect books that actually transport you to that region of the world. But every box includes so much more! There’s always an organic and ethically sourced tea blend from the region, a fine art print, and an additional gift of some kind. But my absolute favorite part is that every single subscription provides education..."  – Jennifer L.

"There are truly no words that can describe the joys that this "book club " family has meant to me. I am a disabled veteran, and I am at home, more so than not. The Wordy Traveler has allowed me to go on many a journey, and has sent me on adventures that I could never dream of. Thank you my friends for all that you do for us, your "readers ", and for all of the support you send to those in need."   – Cindy L.

In 2021, Wordy Traveler Subscribers provided life-changing nutrition for over 4500 children and pregnant women.

We appreciate the community that has built up around The Wordy Traveler and always enjoy the messages and feedback from our readers and explorers. Know that when you open one of our seasonal travel collection boxes, you're automatically bonded with other explorers, dreamers, and adventurers across the globe in helping to make the world a better place one book at a time!

Help Make the World a Better Place