The Wordy Traveler World of Wine Gift Subscription

World of Wine Non-Renewing Gift Subscription - Four Quarter

Give the world of wine without leaving your home! Each quarter your recipient will receive a benchmark book from one of the vinicultural regions of the world. Join a community of cooks and readers who have a love for travel and a heart for giving back. Featured in Oprah, Travel & Leisure, InStyle, Forbes, USA Today, and Huffpo. Each box shipped provides life-saving nutrition for two children and/or pregnant women around the world!

  • Four Quarters
  • Curated books by Wine Enthusiasts and Travel Professionals
  • Also Contains Ohio Tea Co Tea and Fair Dinkum Coffee
  • Each box shipped provides life-saving nutrition for two children and/or pregnant women around the world
  • Please note this is a book subscription - does not include wine
  • Will Not Renew
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    Frequently asked questions

    No. a designated Wordy Traveler Gift Subscription does not renew. When choosing a Wordy Traveler Gift Subscription, you can prepay for up to 4 seasonal shipments. Unlike recurring subscriptions, a gift subscription does not automatiaclly renew and you will not be charged for your gift subscription after your initial, one-time payment. Gift subscriptions may not be modified, e.g. rescheduled, selections changed, etc.

    Your first gift subscription delivery will be processed for shipment after you check out, just like a standard, one-time purchase. If you choose a 2-quarter or 4-quarter pre-pay gift subscription, subsequent shipments will automatically be shipped every quarter (every three months).

    Wordy Traveler designated Gift Subscriptions can be found under the menu item of gift subscriptions and all have "Gift Subscription" in the title.

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    Yes, please email and we are happy to provide you with a .pdf Gift Certificate that you can provide to your gift recipient.

    Yes, we encourage this! Please place your desired Gift Message under "Add Special Instructions" located underneath the Update and Checkout buttons. Click the plus sign and a box will appear to type your Gift Message.

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