A Basketful of Snowflakes

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It's the peak of the orange-harvesting season at the Kerr's little farm in the Tramuntana Mountains, and the intrepid Scots family are trying to relax into their new life on this sunny Spanish island. But it's also crunch time, because, after the excitement and euphoria of a roller coaster first year, hard facts now have to be faced. Will all the work they've put into improving the neglected orchards provide them with a decent living, or will their dream turn into a nightmare? Will Peter's new-found aptitude for manananess be the last straw for the long-suffering Ellie, and will elder son Sandy return to Scotland, while young Charlie is seduced by Mallorca's super-rich yachting set? As the entrancing 'snowfall' of almond blossom heralds the arrival of spring, the Kerrs' sense of humour remains irrepressible through thick and thin - as well it may! Full of life and colour, hilarious and revealing, and set against a backdrop of the breathtaking beauty of Mallorca.

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