World of Wine Summer Edition

A Limited Edition box that takes you on culinary adventure in your own kitchen. This set features the book "Wine Style" by Kathy Leahy.

In addition you’ll receive a wine gift set that includes a butler’s helper corkscrew, wine pourer, and stopper in a wooden presentation box. Also included are a Wordy Traveler logo apron, bookmark, coffee, and tea.

 About the Book:  Discover your new favorite wines with this fun read covering the essential varieties wine lovers need to know, featuring more than 40 simple and delicious recipes for perfect pairings.

Wine Style is the modern, casual guide to finding which wines you love and what foods to pair them with. There are no rules here (especially none of the old-fashioned ones, like "seafood should always be paired with white wine"). Instead, this book is all about helping you explore new terrain in approachable ways.So whether you're looking to find an affordable new mainstay bottle for weeknight dinners, incorporate dessert wines into your routine, or learn how orange wine is made, Wine Style has you covered. And what could be a more delicious and fun way to explore different grapes than by cooking complementary snacks and dishes to go with them? You're bound to find new favorites--in foods and wines alike--with winning combinations such as baked lemony feta with crisp white wine, cabbage and onion galette with a bold red, harissa-deviled eggs with sparkling wine, and so much more.

Discover new wines alongside incredible--and incredibly easy--recipes. With its modern approach to food and drink, Wine Style injects some much-needed fun into the world of wine tasting.

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