Culinary Capital Spain

A Limited Edition box that takes you to one of the culinary capitals of the world.

In addition to the cook book, you’ll receive Wordy Traveler logo apron, tapas set, bookmark, coffee, and tea. 

About the Book:

An enthralling Andalucian culinary journey from sierra to sea. For nearly eight centuries from 711 to 1492, Moorish rule in Andalucía brought about a revolution in Spanish culture, resulting in architectural splendors like the Alhambra as well as a rich culinary history. Andaluz is a quest to illustrate the legacy of the Arabs and Berbers in the kitchens of southern Spain today. Couscous, rice, eggplant, oranges, apricots, marzipan, and a wealth of spices are just a few ever-present ingredients that owe their influence to the Moorish people—along with a meticulous attention to the cultivation of olive varieties that Andalucía is renowned for. By digging deep into traditional dishes, scouring markets, and learning from home cooks, local tavern owners, and Michelin-starred restaurant chefs, Fiona Dunlop offers a vivid gastronomic window on this region. Entries from the author’s travel diary accompany sumptuous recipes—from Granada in the east to Córdoba at its heart and Seville in the south—bringing a taste of Moorish Spain to kitchens everywhere. With beautiful food and location photo

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